Ala-Carte: (20.00 sitting fee)

Two 4x6 Prints     
Eight Wallets       
Two 5X7 Prints     
One  8X10                             

One 11X14 Print                               
One 16X20 Print  
One 20X30 Print                                             

Platinum Portrait Package:

Sixteen Wallet Prints
Six 5x7 Prints
Three 8x10 Prints
Three Poses ~ $70.00*

($96.00 Retail Value)

Silver Portrait Package:

Sixteen Wallet Prints
Four 5x7 Prints
Two 8x10 Prints
Two Poses ~ $45.00*
($72.00 Retail Value)

Base Portrait Package:

Eight Wallet Prints
Two 5X7 Prints
One 8x10 Print
One Pose ~ $25.00*
($36.00 Retail Value)



PACKAGE  B     $50

PACKAGE  A       $75

You select 3 poses, and from those poses you receive the following:

Session Fee Included

(2) 8X10, (4) 5X7 and 24 wallets with your name and year if desired

Also included is a CD with the 3 poses selected.


PORTRAIT Services  with our traveling studios

Is there a sitting fee?

Yes there is a $20.00 sitting fee

Ever think how hard it is to have any portraits of loved ones taken while in an A.L.F. ?

We set up our studio for a special picture day session at an A.L.F. for residents, families, and staff.

This is a great idea for any Activity Director

Click to view your proofs

(At our Mini Studio Location Only)

You receive all of the edited portraits taken at the session on our online site in large resolution so you can download them comes with a print release so you can have any lab print your portraits to the size you wish.

                         WHAT IS GLAMOUR PICS?
We will come to your home or office, and have a photo session with you in as many changes of clothing, for one hour.

We will return with the edited portrait and the glamour pics digital proofs for you to view.

This is when you will order the portrait of your choice that is included in the package, as well as any other portraits from that session.

** Packages are with our traveling studios and subject to a $20.00 Sitting Fee

                       NO Set Up or Sitting Fees

~We print your packages on the premises

~We accept cash and most major credit cards

~Purchase only what is wanted (if wanted)

~Residents, Families, and Staff are all welcome

~Build your own packages

~All portraits are sold by the sheet

*One sheet = (1) 8X10 or (2) 5X7 or (8) Wallets

~Special group rates for Assisted Living Facilities

Communion Photography

There are few moments in life that are remembered so tenderly as a child’s First Communion. Communion Photos are an important record of your child’s young life, and are treasured for a lifetime.

If you would like us to take photographs on the day of your child’s first communion, we would be happy to do this as long as we have availability on the day.

We can visit you at your house or location of your choice.

During the session we take beautiful, images of your child in an environment that allows her or him to be relaxed and to look their best.
We also take family photographs with Mom & Dad, Brothers, Sisters, etc.
Photo session takes about 1 hour, so if you have a photo request – please don’t hesitate to ask.

How much does it cost?

We offer a variety of communion photography packages for your child’s First Communion. Our basic “Bronze Package” costs $150. and includes a 1 hour photo session, and a disc of all images from the session. Photographs are in high resolution, ready to print.

Silver Package – $175.
Photo session takes around 1 hour.

You will receive 1 x 16×20 inch Mounted Photograph.
You will receive a disc of all images from your session.

All the images are in high resolution, ready to print.

Gold Package –$225.

Photo session takes around 1 hour.
You will receive 1 x 16×20 inch Mounted Photo.
You will receive 3 x 8X10 inch Mounted Photos.
You will receive a disc of all images from your session.

All the images are in high resolution, ready to print.

Prices after your initial package:
~ 8 - wallet size portraits…..$12
~ 2 - 5X7 size portraits…....……$15
~ 1 - 8X10 size portraits…...….$15
~ 1 - 11X14 size portrait…........$25
~ 1 - 16X20 size portrait…......$40
~ 1 - 20X30 size portrait…...…$100

Our sessions packages and fees:
~ 8X10 glamour pic package…..$30
~ 11X14glamour pic package.….$40
~ 16X20glamour pic package…$55
~ 20X30glamour pic package…$120

View Proofs


                    Quinceanera Photography Packages

We provide Quince photography services and below is our price list of packages that are available for your upcoming Sweet 15 or Sweet 16 celebration.

Collection 1 – $995.

       •    Full day photography Coverage
       •     One complimentary portrait session
       •     One 16×20 mounted portrait
       •     (10) – 8×10 photo prints and (20) – 5×7 photo prints (Mix&Match)
       •     Unlimited number of images captured on your Day
       •     DVD with print release of your edited, full resolution portrait and                                Quinceanera day images

 Collection 2 – $1,695

        •     Full day photography Coverage
        •     One complimentary portrait session

        •     One 16×20 mounted portrait

               (10) – 8×10 photo prints and (20) – 5×7 photo prints
        •     One – 10×10, 25 page leather album of your special day
        •     Unlimited number of images captured
        •     DVD with print release of your edited, full resolution portrait and                                 Quinceanera day images


Session Fee Included

2 - 8X10

2 - 5X7

16 - Wallets

             Edited Slide Show Presentation 30-50 poses     $100.00

Includes an extra CD of all edited portraits with a print release for printing

Session Fee Included

1 - 8X10

1 - 5X7

8 - Wallets

Package Add-ons:

One 4x6 Print      
Eight Wallets      
Two 5x7 Prints    
One 8x10 Print     
One 11x14 Print     
One 16x20 Print    
One 20x30 Print    















Up to 25 images and 2 changes of clothing

Ala-Carte purchases only

CD ROM of package images - $55

8X10- $12

5X7- $6

2 - 4X6- $10.00

8 - WALLETS- $12.00

Assisted Living Facility Photography

       (with special Senior discount rates)